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Day ?

January 7th, 2017 at 09:05 am

I haven't posted in a few days because I was out in Denver for a job interview. The interview went well, IMHO, but I don't think it's a job a job for me. I am a prayerful person and strongly believe that God will lead me to where my family and I should be. But now I am feeling apprehensive about the job. I am inclined to bow out of the competition. I just get the feeling that I would be moving from one bad situation into another. Plus the 8 inches of snow and 1 degree weather was a real eye opener.

So, with what I thought as being a way out of my bad work environment not materializing, I am resolved to improve what I can and accept what I can. Hmm, I guess I should say the Serenity Prayer each day.

Money wise, the Denver job would have been a 5% increase in pay. Net the higher cost of living, the little extra money wouldn't have made up for what I perceive as being a bad situation. So after talking with my very supportive husband we are staying where we are. Hubs will start floating his resume. He has waited to find a job so he could do some house projects and see f I settled in here. The extra salary when it comes will help for all the extras (saving for a new car and college, house projects (I want to re do the kitchen and floors- $$$)). Hubs resume is up to date so it's now a matter of posting to Monster and all the other job sites. Something will come along. Until then, we will continue to watch what we spend.

All for now. Stay warm, safe and dry if you are having weather!

Day Two (& back at work)

January 3rd, 2017 at 03:41 pm

First, thank you all for the warm welcome. I hope my entries are entertaining enough that I will have regular readers. I know I look forward to your postings.

Happy Tuesday and another day at work survived. It was hard to return to work after being off for 10 days. I was so tired this morning that I forgot half my lunch and ended going for fast food. I did remember breakfast so there's at least that.

A few of you have asked about work and suggested that you all could offer advice. So I am going to take you up on it.

I have been with the same company for 29 years with most of those years in a position that required frequent travel. At age 51, and the kids getting older, I decided to get off the road. I applied for a new position and while I wanted a promotion, I was offered a lateral transfer because I "would be receiving other benefits in form of bonus pay." Well that didn't happen. I am now working on a 6 person team and I am the only female. I am also the longest tenured but most junior in the team. Over the last several years, I have worked with 3 of the 5 men and always enjoyed the time. Now, I am odd person out. I am not included in lunch outings and not asked if I want to go "grab some coffee." When they have to show me around the new systems, it is as if it is a big imposition. I sit in my cubical with little interaction while they all talk about their weekends and home improvement projects. I have interjected into the conversation but silence is returned or they turn back to their computers. Others on other teams have noticed the cold treatment and and I have followed their advice but there has been no change.

I am at a loss. I have a countdown going to my earliest retirement point. I remind myself that I am home for dinner with the family every night. I remind myself that I shouldn't care that they don't like me, that I like me and I will continue to do my job to the best of my ability. But it's sad and lonely. I am slowly making friends with others in the office. That will help eventually.

So going full circle, when I forgot my lunch, I walked over to the food court to pick up a chicken sandwich. I ended up walking by the guys eating their lunch. I just smiled, waved and went on.

While I had an unplanned expenditure, I kept the cost down by only getting the sandwich and having water to drink. It was healthier than doing a meal with fries and a soda. 😄

Any suggestions on improving workplace stress would be greatly appreciated.

Day One

January 2nd, 2017 at 01:04 pm

Happy New Year!

I am a long time reader and am finally giving this blogging bit a try.

A little bit about me: I am fifty-something, happily married for 13 years. I have 2 kids (1 daughter and 1 son) and 3 cats. We recently moved to a new state in order for me to have promotion potential, but sadly, I don't like my working environment. Love the new town and kids seem to have adjusted but...

Financially, my family and I are in good shape. Our only debt is our home. While we have savings and retirement money, I want to save more for the kids college education and continue to save for retirement and plan for a new (new to me) car purchase.

I hope to make this blog about my life and financial thoughts and decisions.